Adventure and fun trail “Visiting a Polar Bear”

The adventure trail “Visiting a Polar Bear” is a playful indoor track for children. The children who have been on the trail know exactly why polar bears don’t eat penguins, why it is more cold in the south than in the north and what does the world look like, when its turned on its side. The children of course also know who are sled dogs and what are they good for. It is of course also possible to play all the snow games, meaning that it is possible to build a castle, have a snow fight and sleigh down a slope. If there is a real winter and snow outside, then it is possible to try to ride a kicksled.

The guide and playmaster is a polar bear!

Also, order a snack break with a home-made cake and a refreshing drink or even order a light lunch!


  • The North Pole of the Kukruse Polar Manor
  • Organised all year around
  • The topics are natural history and geography

  • Level: Kindergarten and elementary school

  • The minimum number of children: 15

  • The visit must be agreed upon in advance

  • Price: 4,00€/child