Search for a code

Take out your smartphone and find the QR-codes hidden in the manor with questions and answers, solve the tasks given to you. This is the most fun way of learning, who was the master of the Kukruse manor, what is the Sannikov Land and how we know why mammoths have become extinct.

PS! Modern equipment is compulsory; every team needs at least one phone with a QR-code reader. The program can be downloaded on the spot via the free Wi-Fi of the manor.

Also, order a snack break with a home-made cake and a refreshing drink or even order a light lunch!


  • Kukruse manor

  • Organised all year around

  • The adventure lasts for approximately 1.5h

  • Aim: To get acquainted with everything that the Kukruse Polar Manor has to offer, by playing an interesting game.

  • Size of the group: 5-50 people

  • Price: 3,00€/person