Educational Programme Photo Hunt in the Kukruse Manor Park

What is most important on a polar expedition? Attention, ability to notice details, draw conclusions, but also teamwork and discipline. That is what our photo hunt is focused on. The children are divided into teams and they are given pictures that are taken in our manor park during different season. The task of the team is to find them and take a new picture so that the whole team would be on it. The cooler the picture the better.

PS! Modern equipment is mandatory and for each team, there should be at least one phone that can take a picture.

Also, order a snack break with a home-made cake and a refreshing drink or even order a light lunch!

The development of the programme was supported by the Environmental Investment Centre


  • Kukruse Manor Park and its surroundings
  • Organised all year around
  • Size of the group: 6-50 people
  • The photo hunt take about 1h

  • Clothing dependant on the weather conditions

  • The prize is a sachet full of the genuine sweet energy of the polar manor for all the participants
  • Price: 2.00€/person